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Some Tea For Thoughts

Updated: May 6, 2023

Its Spring. You can tell everywhere. The dandelions, the green grass, horses refusing to come in till 10 pm.. its all around us. This time last year i was going through all kinds of emotions, morning sickness, fear, excitement, it was all there. This year, i am excited to expand like never before. I have to. Both For my mental health, and to get a footing finally.

Teas for me started young. I was 9 or 10 and i was fascinated by grandmas flowers and gardens. To me that was heaven. She would walk around inspecting her plants every morning( something i do to this day) and tell me, you are nearest to Heaven in the Garden. When i turned 10 my dad bought me an herb book about plants. That book is in my possession to this day. I read and read it, fascinated by the medicinal, ceremonial, folklore, and history behind these plants. I learned marshmallow root is the original marshmallow, that rootbeer came from the sarsaparilla tree, that wild celery ( which is extremely hard to find and I proudly grow it) helps to control diabetes naturally. Basil help lower cholesterol, strawberries get rid of acne, and so much more. It blew my mind.

at 10 I started my herb garden. i proudly put strawberries, and all the other goodies in my garden and would give them to neighbors as tinctures. i would pick spice mixes together for meals. and i would tend to that garden like my baby. When teen years hit, it sat a little neglected as friends, sports, and well, life happened. then at 18 i moved onto the rocky years of my life. in 2004 i had my oldest, katie, and since she was a preemie dedicated my first few years to helping her develop. doctor appointments, pt appointments, ortho appointments would all follow, followed by years of dance and gymnastics to help strengthen her hip, which she was diagnosed as having hip dysplasia. in 2008 we had a house fire, losing our family farm in the process and turning my herbs into Katiebug Bath and Body to help Katie with her eczema.

Over the years, kids, and life have helped keep it going minimal, mostly because ive done it alone. People came and went, but one thing, my garden was always there. no matter where i was. Certain herbs have traveled with me to new locations, some left behind. ive always mostly gave people tea tinctures i made up until one day, i realized how many herbs i was giving away. So i started to mix and sell... They have been a huge hit so far and i hope to really expand this year in business!

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