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Last year around this time i was excited. I had just made the decision to open a store in our hometown. We were growing, fast, and i needed a place to spread my wings. Little did i know the year that would follow... right about a week before our grand opening i found out i was expecting. For those of you that dont know, chris and i experienced a few losses in pregnancy, so i was mentally preparing myself for yet another loss. i started severely bleeding for what would end up being 10 weeks. Numerous times I found myself in the hospital, expecting the worse, only to find our little baby strong and healthy. in July, my water ruptured. I was 21 weeks...

I was told this baby is not viable that he would die. The doctors decided to admit me. I was in till i delivered. At 24 weeks and 5 days, i felt a little pain when the doctors examined me. They decided to proceed with an emergency c section. at 24 weeks and 5 days, charlie made his debut at 1 lb 11 oz. We were prepared by the doctors for the worse scenario.

138. 138 days of nicu ups and downs, disagreements, milestone, crying, watching my baby be revived to life, watching my baby have blood transfusions, and enough ivs to fill an adult for a year. I watched, by the time we left nov 30th, my son have 2 surgeries, and would require 3 more after discharge.

During this time Carrie (the other mom) welcomed a baby herself, a bouncing 7 lb baby girl named Cassidy!

During the time of surgeries and after discharge, we lost a very Dear woman to us, grandma Joan. She was the inspiration for my company, and my reason for my passion of all things herbs and plants. She was the reason i got into tea. She was my rock, my guidance for 40 years.

So, with that, here we are. I apologize if the website seems not perfect, or if we are hard to get ahold of. We are currently in the process of rebuilding to what we were. We still have our same quality, our same standards, just getting back into the vibe of things, so we may stumble here and there. Please be patient with us! if you have any questions at all, please message us on here, it goes directly to our phones. We still love to help!

We now offer more options as well! So please, hang tight with us as we grow, and support our small business. as we get used to becoming momsgarden... of 7! Im leaving you with a picture of Grandma Joan, and the two newest, and final human members of our family.

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