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Our Mild Spice Blends are the blends created for OUR family! We started to create these 30 years ago, and each has its own signature style. Each one is explained below!


  • Applie Pie Mix Blend
  • Pumpkin Pie Mix Blend
  • Salt Free Blend- almost like Mrs dash just natural and better!
  • Mulling Spices
  • Moms BBQ Blend- a bbq special!
  • Lake Erie Seasoning- Great for fish!
  • Frostys Burger Blend- Made with a smokey sweetness, this is a blend sure to please ( has cinnamon added!)
  • Coriander Blend- Great for midde Eastern dishes, with no heat added yet!
  • Greek Seasoning- Our Southern Greece Island Specialty
  • Za'atar Blend- Great for breads!
  • Moms Pizza Blend- Our best seller spice wise next to Polish mix!
  • Taco Blend- when you need more taco seasoning....

Mild Spice Blends

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