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Our Bar soap are made with a standard base of the following oils

coconut- for skin hydration, reducing infammation, promote wound healing, and can have antibacterial properties


Shea Butter-  a staple for dry skin! Can help with eczema, rashes, hives, ect, this is a favorite here at Moms.


Grapeseed oil- light and great for skin hydration!


We add different Essential oils, and herbs to each bar to make the bars that we have and are proud of. those are the following....


  • Make My Skin Clear - made with patchouli, lavender, carrot, marshmallow root added, this is a great soap for all skin issues!
  • Garden Bar - Great smelling, and great for dirt and grime!
  • Mango - The name says it all!
  • Orange Patchouli - Great for morning freshness!
  • Berry Sage - Fruitastic!
  • Atlantis - Get the scents and fells of the tropics
  • Mens Spice Bar - A great shaving and skin bar for men
  • Vanilla Oatmeal - Great for dry ashy skin!
  • Charcoal - Great for acne!
  • Lavender - Nighttime bedtime soap!
  • Lemongrass- great for camping!
  • Dragon Blood - Deliciously scensational 
  • Blueberry scrub - smell the fruit garden while getting the dirt and grime out!
  • Lavender Mint - Two favorite, for calming and clearing your mind!
  • Carrot Citrus - Another great soap for acne!
  • Tea Tree Mint - A great soap for those sick days!
  • Honeysuckle - The sweet smell of spring in your tub!
  • Lavender Lemongrass - Great for skin hydration, anxiety, and bug repellant!
  • Apple rose scrub - Filled with antioxidants and pumice, this soap is great  for scrub and clean!
  • Dead Sea Mud Scrub - A great soap for cleansing the dead skin off!
  • Black Raspberry Vanilla - A fan favorite, get the wonderful aroma of sweet raspberry pie, while smoothing your skin
  • Oatmeal, Milk and Honey - Another fan favorite, a soap thats great for any skin ailment



Bar Soaps

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